About Us

Our Identity

The name Aikido (合気道) is derived from Japanese.  Loosely translated, it describes the technique of unifying with life energy. As a company focused on bringing perfect harmony to your kitchen and your daily life, we strongly believe in the pillars that surround this ethos:

Ai  合 – Unity
Ki – 気  – Spirit, Energy
Dō – 道 – Technique

Our Design

We believe that knives bring the perfect harmony to your kitchen. We have specially designed each of our knives to embody Unity, Spirit, Energy, and Technique. Just as our Aikido name calls for balance, so too have we designed our knives to strike a perfect brilliant balance between form, function, and design.

Our Service

We understand that trusting a company for products you’ll use everyday is an important responsibility. Many brands take this privilege for granted; we can promise you, we will not. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we're incredibly grateful for the thousands of happy customers who have made this all possible.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on the following promises to our customers:

Professional Quality

Our blades are made of the highest quality steel, using a vacuum cold/heat treatment process that results in a sharper, longer-lasting blade than other chef’s knives.

Precision Cuts

Our 8-degree oblique V-shaped blades are made from high carbon steel. Aikido knives are two times as hard as other knives in their class.

Ergonomic Design

Each knife is designed with the optimal center of gravity in mind to ensure each knife is well-balanced in your hand. We have designed our handles to ensure a comfortable and sturdy grip.